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Our Story

iKUDU is a company that provides communication and connectivity solutions for IoT products. With more than 35 years of experience in the field we, at iKUDU specialize in design, planning, and project management at the technological, technical and engineering level. We provide services based on different forms of connectivity, including cellular communication, WIFI, Bluetooth, RF, and satellite communication. 

iKUDU was founded by leading experts in the field of IoT, and is passionate about offering solutions both for existing products, as well as for new products under development. We have integrated connectivity-based technology in order to facilitate data transmission, collection, and analysis, and perform various operations to our customers' full satisfaction. 

At iKUDU we’re all about creating tailored solutions to fit the specific requirements and conditions of each and every product. Of course, all while taking into account frequency, regulation, standardization, target audience and location-based factors such as climate, water, dust and radiation. Thanks to our rich understanding of various solutions, applications, and manufacturers we can unquestionably produce remarkable results. Furthermore, at iKUDU, we make sure to stay up to date and learn the most advanced technologies in the IoT sphere, so we can offer you the very best. 

iKUDU is a one-stop-shop, providing solutions from consulting services and all the way to implementations, without being influenced by manufacturers’ commercial terms. We have strong connections with hundreds of manufacturers around the world, and are capable of providing the best solutions at the most competitive rates, perfectly tailored to the client’s technological, quality and budget requirements. 

What We Do

Easy. Fast. Secure.

At iKUDU, we aim solutions to the customer needs, we understand the challenges and act as the link in the chain for each requirement.  

iKUDU is built on 3 core philosophies

  • Solution – understanding customer requirements and guiding him to the right solution in the IoT world.

  • Customer service – Is always a leading factor of our actions and today is no difference, it is high end and tailor made.

  • The Price – the make or break of every deal, we understand the importance of it and aim to deliver to every project target and call it a WIN.

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We treat our customers and vendors as partners. We believe that working together to achieve mutual goals is the best way to succeed.
We offer our wide knowledge and experience in the IoT world, along with dedicated professional team capabilities, Quality, high level of service and accurate fulfillment of our customer demands is our way of doing business.

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